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How To Handle A Social Security Disability Denial

When you pursue disability insurance through Social Security, it’s often the last option after a lot of mental and physical work. It is possible that Social Security is the only option you have left, and an initial denial can be devastating. However, denials are a common process in Social Security Disability (SSD) applications, and you have a long way to go.

At Morcom Law, our attorneys have helped many people pursue Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in Hershey and across Pennsylvania. They put our clients first, truly listening to their issues and helping build plans to move forward. They have the experience and knowledge to help you persevere through any SSDI case.

What You Need To Know About SSDI

Receiving disability is a complex process and it is not unfair to say that the complexity is part of the point. Making it harder to secure disability means that fewer people will get it. However, our lawyers are here to guide you through such issues as:

  • Application: The application process for SSDI is highly complex and involves providing doctors’ records, work history, test results and many more pieces of information.
  • Reconsideration: This is the first step after an initial denial. Typically, you have a short amount of time – 60 days – to pursue this option. We can help.
  • Administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing: If the reconsideration process is unsuccessful, then you can pursue a hearing before an ALJ. This provides you with more time and the ability to build a more comprehensive case.
  • Federal appeals: The final step is to bring your case to the federal level.

We understand that the stakes for your disability case are extremely high. The Social Security Administration (SSA) is here to help you, but you need to find someone to advocate for you to get that help.

What Qualifies As A Disability?

Many conditions qualify for disability, such as amputations, paralysis and extensive burns, but it doesn’t stop at physical issues. Medical and mental health issues can also be qualifying. If you are unable to work for more than a year, then you may be able to secure SSDI.

We Get You The Answers You Need

Our attorneys will work with you and answer all your questions about the SSDI application process. Call today to learn more at 717-921-1422 or send an email. We want to hear from you.