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Tips for building a successful workplace discrimination case

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Employment Law (Employee)

Workplace discrimination can leave you feeling cheated out of your job and your career. Yet, a lot of people who are subjected to discrimination at work fail to recognize it as wrongdoing on the part of their employer. Instead, they take their employer at their word when it comes to the justification for an adverse employment action, such as demotion or termination, and as a result they don’t take any legal action. Don’t make that mistake.

How to build your workplace discrimination case

The thought of taking legal action against your employer can be stressful. But here are some steps that might help get you started and build your confidence as you ready to navigate the process:

  • Gather any documentary evidence that shows achievement in your position, whether that be one-off complimentary emails or your end-of year performance appraisal.
  • Write down every instance of discriminatory behavior that you witness or are subjected too, making sure to capture as many details as possible.
  • Talk to co-workers who may have witnessed discrimination against you and others.
  • Retain all communication you’ve had with your employer so that you can easily show how they responded to your complaints about discriminatory behavior.
  • Exercise self-care so that the discrimination doesn’t define you and consume your life.
  • Mitigate your damages such as by seeking new employment if you were terminated from your job for reporting discrimination.

Thoroughness could be key to your workplace discrimination case

Details matter in an employment law case. So, as you prepare to take legal action against your employer, make sure you’ve fully analyzed your situation and have gathered as much evidence as possible. By doing so, you’ll hopefully set the stage for a successful claim that’ll allow you to reclaim your reputation and your future.