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Pennsylvania lawmakers investigate employment age discrimination

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | Employment Law (Employee)

In Pennsylvania, when allegations of workplace wrongdoing are made, it is automatically viewed as being due to harassment, racial discrimination, gender discrimination and other common complaints in the current climate.

However, there are many other ways in which people can be discriminated against on the job or when seeking employment.

One that is getting more attention is age discrimination. Given the number of older people who are continuing to work past retirement age and those who are actively seeking work, it can be a challenge to get beyond preconceived notions.

Since it is such a burgeoning problem, lawmakers are holding hearings about it. People who believe they have been impacted by this type of discriminatory behavior have alternatives to hold employers accountable.

Hearing seeks answers on discrimination for older workers

Led by Pennsylvania lawmakers, a recently held hearing sought solutions for age discrimination. The hearing was led by Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey. He presented a law he introduced called Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act. It has support from both Democrats and Republicans.

The obstacles older workers face when they believe they have been victimized by age discrimination stem from needing to have more proof than other workers who claim they were discriminated against.

The objective of the proposed law would enhance their protections and give greater strength to unions. Since older workers are more prone to having health issues or disabilities that limit their performance, this can prevent them from getting and keeping jobs.

Workers subjected to age discrimination can seek legal remedies

Employment discrimination comes in many forms and it is often difficult to recognize. Older workers who believe they have been treated unfairly for no reason other than their age should think about their options.