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On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2023 | Probate & Estate Administration

When creating an estate plan, many are concerned about the contents of the documents included, and for a good reason. What is memorialized in your estate plan will designate how your estate is administered.

Whether you drafted your estate plan to avoid probate or not, it is important to consider how probate and the administration of your estate could impact your wishes, your heirs and beneficiaries.

Estate administration

At Morcom Law, our law firm understands the complexities an estate plan can contain. We understand that your wishes are paramount in the drafting of your estate plan, which is why we take the time to explore potential disturbances. With our skills and years of experiences, we are prepared to help you resolve any current issues and avoid possible future pitfalls.

Our goal is to create a plan that resembles your wishes as closely as possible. Thus, our law firm takes the time to explain all steps and components. This includes the future administration of your estate. We can help you ensure your named executor or personal representative understands their duties and has access to all necessary information and documentation.

Executing an estate correctly

We understand that executing as estate as an executor or personal representative can feel like both an honor and overwhelming task. Our law firm is also available to guide you through this process, helping you ensure your obligations and duties are fulfilled in a timeline that respects the grieving family. Estate plans can be complex and confusing, which is why we take the time to explain your options and rights while navigating this process.

Whether you are preparing your estate plan or are the named executor of another’s estate, it is important to understand your options and rights in the situation.