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Why do you need to update your employee manual?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Employer Law (Employer)

Most Hershey area businesses understand the importance of an employee manual. A thorough employee manual is often one of the most important documents for your business. There are many important purposes the manual covers, including:

  • Communicating expectations and policies
  • Introduce the culture of your company
  • Reference document for the organization
  • Safety documents
  • Code of conduct
  • Legal buffer between your company and any lawsuits

 But once your organization creates an employee handbook it doesn’t mean this task is done forever. In fact, an employee handbook should be reviewed and updated annually. Changes to an employee handbook can be based on changes to company policies, procedures, organizational structures, federal and state laws, etc.

When reviewing an employee handbook, you should pay attention to:

  • Language that implies legal obligations from employer or employee
  • Benefits and compensation policies
  • Existing state and federal laws
  • Company’s organizational structure
  • Policies covering equal opportunity, anti-discrimination, harassment, employee conduct and wage policies
  • Addressing misleading statements, ambiguous statements, and sections that don’t reflect your policies or procedures
  • Adding sections for new policies, such as tattoos and piercings

 An attorney who specializes in employment law can help their client with their employee manual. They understand what needs to be addressed in the manual and can make sure their client’s manual is thorough, up-to-date, and addresses any legal issues. An employee handbook is a legal document, which makes having an attorney review the document important. Courts will treat the employee manual as a piece of evidence in employment-related lawsuits, so reviewing the language in the handbook is critical.